Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hand-Drawn Animation in Adobe Flash

Hey Folks

So I have been looking at adobe flash and just getting to grips and see if i can jump into something completely out of my comfort zone. Animation on paper to animation on the screen :O sounds pretty o_0 yeah but I suppose I gotta learn sometime don't I :)

So this is a small tutorial (well 19 minutes long to be exact) showing how an animator from Base 14 with an animator from the company showing how he sketches into the screen,

This shows exactly what you would do on paper so for examples using keyframes, breakdowns, inbetweening, layers and cleanups :) quite a nice animation and teaches you some onion skinning too which is pretty cool :D. Different use of how to draw into flash with the paintbrush tool and the pencil tool. The only problem is that if you use a graphics tablet the pressure sensor does not work for opacity settings so watch your sketching because it will get messy if you draw too much so be fluid.

but yeah enjoy muchly and hopefully I will have some animations up here using flash too woohoo :D.

Enjoy Muchly

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